What if my child(ren) want to return to “school” after we’ve began our Unschool lifestyle?

10 yrs ago, when we began our Unschooling journey and I pulled my girls from school, I struggled w/ the thought of them wanting to return to “school”..my oldest had experienced extreme bullying and her self-esteem was very low..they also both Love to talk (they get it honest, from me😁) and were always being harassed about that, as there was no place, during class, for socializing, just “doing work”, which, they flew through w/ their eyes closed (as they found the work so easy)..I convinced myself I was “saving” them both from a system that allowed those kinds of things to go on..it took me some years to realize that one of the principles that drew me to Unschooling in the first place was honoring and trusting their intuition, as their parent, which empowers them to trust their intuition..the 17yr old decided to return to “school” the last 6 weeks of 8th grade and continued through 11th, making a decision back in February she was done and would Homeschool for “Senior” year..the way we made it work was to come to a compromise..I’d be supportive of her decision, even if I didn’t agree, she’d attend as long as she was happy to do things by their “rules” (barring any physical harm) and make sure I didn’t get calls from them about her coloring outside of their “lines” and she could leave whenever she wanted to..together, we figured out how to make it work..it wasn’t easy, but seeing how much more empowered she is after making these decisions for herself, makes me grateful for Unschooling philosophies..pics are of her at her National Honor Society induction and celebrating getting Student of the Quarter in her Veterinary Science class..#FreeAfrikanChild sure looks good on her…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom💕..#ForeverUnschooled

Published by ForeverUnschooled

Join me, E, an Afrikan Single Mom of 2, KK and G, as I share about our 10 yr old Unschooling journey and continue to figure out how to navigate this thing called life.

2 thoughts on “What if my child(ren) want to return to “school” after we’ve began our Unschool lifestyle?

  1. I think unschooled lifestyle gives both the children and parents a chance to think something out of the box. Children won’t do it since they are children. Parents, however, may want to rebuild connections with their kids.


    1. I’ve actually been finding Children are Naturally Out-Of-The-Box thinkers and society, at large, can wind up draining that out of them..as my girls have had me as a safe space to come to w/ their ideas, their Out-Of-The-Box thinking has continued to be sustained. Thanks for your comment💕


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