Body Autonomy

Body Autonomy…this was an interesting topic for me to wrap my brain around, as I hadn’t had body autonomy growing up..and as an Afrikan woman, living in a patriarchal world, where the norm is for men to try to tell us what to do w/ our bodies, it’s been an evolving journey, as I take back the power over my body, low self-worth and esteem encouraged me to give away..and it’s my journey that reminds me how important it is to make sure, as we continue in our Unschooling lifestyle, she has Absolute Body Autonomy (her hair, her skin, her body)..No one has a right to her person w/out her Express permission, which she has a right to revoke at any forced family/friend hugs, etc..they either respect it..or don’t..won’t change the Autonomy..#freeafrikanchild sure looks good on her..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom..#foreverunschooled

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Published by ForeverUnschooled

Join me, E, an Afrikan Single Mom of 2, KK and G, as I share about our 10 yr old Unschooling journey and continue to figure out how to navigate this thing called life.

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