A Lighter Life

Welcome to all those that are new here..to those that continue to join in on this journey, Thank you✨ I’m happy to help and offer, in our Unschooling Motivational Support Tool Kit, Https://foreverunschooled.wordpress.com/motivational-support-tool-kit/ : Private 1:1 Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching, 5 Tips That Have Helped Me On This Unschooling Journey, Self-Care ideas, ways to supplement income/assist in living expenses, a Blog, Resources and more. When I Really got it down that, for our family, it was (and still is) best to..just..appreciate these two..w/out any expectations or preconceived notions about what their lives need to look like, who they need to turn out to be, or what they need to have learned at any particular time…life became Lighter for all of us..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom💕…#foreverunschooled #freeafrikanchild

Click on the following to get my, Free, “5 Tips That Have Helped Me In Getting Started On This Unschooling Journey”: Https://foreverunschooled.wordpress.com/stay-in-touch/

Published by ForeverUnschooled

Join me, E, an Afrikan Single Mom of 2, KK and G, as I share about our 10 yr old Unschooling journey and continue to figure out how to navigate this thing called life.

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