What if….

Welcome to all those that are new here..to those that continue to join in on this journey, Thank you* I’m happy to help and offer, in our Unschooling Motivational Support Tool Kit, Https://foreverunschooled.wordpress.com/motivational-support-tool-kit/ : Private 1:1 Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching, 5 Tips That Have Helped Me On This Unschooling Journey, Self-Care ideas, ways to supplement income/assist in living expenses, a Blog, Resources and more.

What if….it does work out? What if…it turns out greater than we ever could have imagined? 10 yrs ago, asking questions like these assisted in coming to a conclusion to Unschool…continuing to keep a positive mindset, thru all of our family’s ups and downs, is what continues to sustain us, and this attitude…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom💕#ForeverUnschooled

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Published by ForeverUnschooled

Join me, E, an Afrikan Single Mom of 2, KK and G, as I share about our 10 yr old Unschooling journey and continue to figure out how to navigate this thing called life.

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