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Compassion for ourselves and our children, is key.

So far, I’ve been learning that having Compassion for myself and my children is the key to continuing seeing this journey through, one day at a time. There haven’t been any 2 days alike and I’ve learned not to expect that. I don’t wear a cape, I burned it a long time ago. I’m E, an ordinary woman, and for the last 20 yrs, I’ve been learning how to sustainably face extraordinary living situations, mental illnesses (Only recently diagnosed in 2017 – PTSD, Anxiety, Bi-Polar and Depression), and figure out how to thrive in spite of these challenges, while raising children in the most peaceful way I can. I hope the support info and services, provided below, may be of some help to you, as they are to me.

What clients are saying:

“Evon’s coaching is just what I needed! I’ve been feeling like I’ve been failing my children and she knew just what to say to help me take the self-induced pressure off my back.” W.S.

“When I talk to Evon, I get the sense she can relate to what I’m going through as she’s been through so much herself.” B.F.

“I can hear the loving space she’s coming from and that, in turn, allows me to hear her suggestions easier.” S.L.

“It’s only been a few sessions w/ Evon, and our family is already having positive breakthroughs! I’m grateful I made the investment.” K.R.


Click here for General 1-On-1 Coaching – Receive General 1-On-1 Coaching (on the phone) from Evon, of ForeverUnschooled. Address topics you could use coaching with (these could include, but not limited to: Brainstorm Flexible Income-Making Options, Belief System/Insecurities about getting started and/or continuing on this journey, idea/brainstorm support for how to open our minds up to see All the learning our children are doing in All of their interests and day-to-day activities, perspectives, mindset shifts around prior conditioning and programming, college “prep” and process, etc.)

Click here for Scheduled Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching – Receive Scheduled Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching from Evon, of ForeverUnschooled. Set time up, in advance, to conference Evon in, whether on speakerphone or Facetime/Duo, to Virtually “walk” w/ you (or just proactively listen) to a portion of your and your children’s day. She will listen attentively to your regular family dialogue and, with your permission, provide feedback in real time, or later towards the end of the session, to assist in learning more about whatever opportunities to Deschool/Deprogram may come up, from an Unschooling lens.

Click here for Scheduled Out-of-the-box Think Tank Coaching – Receive Scheduled Out-of-the-box Think Tank Coaching from Evon, of ForeverUnschooled. Address topics you could use Out-of-the-box Thinking Coaching w/ (these could include but aren’t limited to: Everyday issues, Extraordinary issues, Career Ideas, Flexible Income-Making Options and Business Start-up Ideas, etc.)

Support Tool E-Sheets

Click here to receive your Free copy of 5 Tips that Have Helped Me in Getting Started on This Unschooling Journey.


As a Single Mom diagnosed w/ mental illnesses, learning to prioritize my Divine Self-Care has gone a long way in assisting me to take care of myself, and in turn my children. I’ve recently started a movement to Empower Women to take quality time for ourselves and document my journey as I learn to sustainably do so, JustHerGetAway, and have published an Ebook, “Let Go or Be Dragged: Learning The Healing Art of Letting Go”. In it, I share the struggles and triumphs of my Journey thus far, Life-Impacting Realizations, S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E., the 8-step Signature Strategy I created to Successfully assist me, and others, w/ Focusing on the Sacred Art of Divine Self-Care and learn to identify and Let Go of that which doesn’t positively contribute to our Lives. There’s also a BONUS “Living” Soundtrack w/ some of my Breakthrough Spoken Word Poetry and Songs..Get your copy Today here: I’ve also compiled a list of Free Virtual Experience links for those that aren’t able to physically get away right now: Https://


Throughout this journey, I’ve had to learn how to take care of my children w/ limited funds, while not working “regular” jobs, so that I could choose to make myself available to be present w/ them. The following are various ways that have assisted our family w/ continuing to move forward(these can all be looked up based on your city and state, for those in the U.S.). I’m most grateful for them all:

Subscribing to Research and Survey groups, Local Activity and Organization Newsletters, Certifikid and Groupon, Couponing/Signing up for Loyalty programs to receive discounts, Various websites that provide Free Movie Advanced Screenings, etc.

Gigs that allow flexibility of your schedule to be w/ your children like: Emergency Nanny/Sitter services(physical and virtual), Virtual and Physical Secret/Mystery Shoppers, Face-Painting/Body Painting/Virtual Creative Art Design Services, Website Design, Virtual Coaching/Teaching/Subbing, Virtual Training, Virtual Motivational Speaking, Virtual Workshop Facilitation, Digital Content Creation, Virtual Assistant, Curriculum Development, Program Management, Virtual Customer Service Rep/Remote Rep, Virtual Event Planning, Mobile Pet Care/Pet Sit/Pet Taxi, Lyft/Uber Driver, Food delivery, Grocery Shopping on Demand, etc.

Social Services(Medicaid, Food Stamps, TANF, etc.)

Income-based housing(Federal and local programs)

Food Pantries

Faith-based organizations that assist w/ emergency funds to prevent eviction/maintain housing security, and utility bills.

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