No 2 Days Alike

It’s been refreshing to observe, while living this Unschooling lifestyle, no 2 days are exactly alike..making space for the girls’ days to be led by their interests has opened our world up..on the “school” day pictured, the 17yr old felt like soaking up some rays by the water..we had a meeting scheduled between the 2 of us, so we just moved the meeting to the car ride, on the way to our destination..#freeafrikanchild sure looks good on her..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom..#foreverunschooled


Something I’ve been realizing over the last 25 yrs I’ve been a parent: no matter how our children are “educated”, there are NO guarantees..since the first day I laid eyes on my oldest, I’ve been learning how big of a responsibility the general “parenting” of children really is..I’ve also been learning that society in general, seems to be bent on trying to convince us, as parents, that we should Only look outside of ourselves, and our children, to figure out what’s best for our children…we, who actually are w/ our children on a daily basis and go harder for them than anyone else on the face of this earth..that mode of thinking hasn’t felt logical to me..I’ve been seeing these ladies benefit the most, education-wise, when they are given the Freedom to follow their interests, not mine or what society says they should..Yes, sometimes it’s been scary…but we keep pushing..#FreeAfrikanChild sure looks good on them..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom💕..#ForeverUnschooled

A Day in the Life of an Unschooler

Some days, this is what an Unschooling day looks like in our home..teaching herself how to put extensions in her hair..I remember when the 24yr old was at home, she would spend many a day teaching herself how to do all sorts of natural styles..I’m here for it all😍#FreeAfrikanChild sure looks good on her..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom..#ForeverUnschooled

What if my child(ren) want to return to “school” after we’ve began our Unschool lifestyle?

10 yrs ago, when we began our Unschooling journey and I pulled my girls from school, I struggled w/ the thought of them wanting to return to “school” oldest had experienced extreme bullying and her self-esteem was very low..they also both Love to talk (they get it honest, from me😁) and were always being harassed about that, as there was no place, during class, for socializing, just “doing work”, which, they flew through w/ their eyes closed (as they found the work so easy)..I convinced myself I was “saving” them both from a system that allowed those kinds of things to go took me some years to realize that one of the principles that drew me to Unschooling in the first place was honoring and trusting their intuition, as their parent, which empowers them to trust their intuition..the 17yr old decided to return to “school” the last 6 weeks of 8th grade and continued through 11th, making a decision back in February she was done and would Homeschool for “Senior” year..the way we made it work was to come to a compromise..I’d be supportive of her decision, even if I didn’t agree, she’d attend as long as she was happy to do things by their “rules” (barring any physical harm) and make sure I didn’t get calls from them about her coloring outside of their “lines” and she could leave whenever she wanted to..together, we figured out how to make it wasn’t easy, but seeing how much more empowered she is after making these decisions for herself, makes me grateful for Unschooling are of her at her National Honor Society induction and celebrating getting Student of the Quarter in her Veterinary Science class..#FreeAfrikanChild sure looks good on her…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom💕..#ForeverUnschooled

Could my children turn out to eat “horrible” if we Unschool?

Back on 1/6/2020 I made a choice, for my personal health, to recommit myself to eating SOFAS Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free) Whole Food Plant Exclusive…Throughout the course of this year, my 17yr old has been observing me, my actions and my she has since the day she was born..around May she started making changes to her own way of eating, for her own personal health and by June was teaching personal classes, on how to do the same, to her an Unschooling parent, over the last 10yrs, I’ve been learning, I can only model “health” to my children, by example..not necessarily “teaching” anything..we don’t shame in our household, anymore..catastrophic trauma ensued when I did use to shame and try to force my children to eat a certain way..I can’t undo that trauma..I’m a work in progress..gratefully, we’re able to have conversations about how…we all are…#freeafrikanchild sure looks good on her…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom..#foreverunschooled

Just In – Upcoming Unschooling Panelist Feature

Just In – Join me as a Featured Unschooling Panelist/Speaker on the Facebook Live Homeschooling With Excellence Roundtable event next month, Nov. 20th-22nd, 5:30pm-8:30pm EST(To tune in, follow Https:// or see it Streamed Live on YouTube here: ..I’ll be 1st up to speak at 6pm on the first day, Friday, Nov. 20th, and share what this 10yr old Unschooling journey has been like so far..hope to “see” you all there✨Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled

Interview w/ a side of Empowerment

The 17yr old had an Empowering time in her 1st interview in 5 yrs..she was a feature guest on @neighborishlivecast and talked about what life is like for her as an Unschooled/Homeschooled 17yr old in 2020(…she addressed topics like being homeschooled, what it was like to return to public school for the last 3 years, her concerns about the direction the environmental state of this world is headed in, how she’s been discovering how important the critical thinking skills she’s acquired, are, college prep life and so much more..Looking forward to continuing to watch her grow..grateful for the privilege..Here’s to our Family’s Freedom..#foreverunschooled

Celebrating 2 Podcast Interviews

Join us as we celebrate our newest Hot Tea Podcast interview w/ the Phenomenal Aziza!! Listen as I share our story and elaborate on how we arrived where we are today:

Tune in on Facebook Live, Tomorrow, Monday, 10/19/2020, @11am EST, as G is featured in an interview on The Neighborish LiveCast w/ Dave, Patrice and JaySun…she’ll be sharing about what life is like for her these days. You can access that show tomorrow morning at 11am here:

To “College” or Not to “College”

About 3 weeks ago, she, Unschooled Homeschooler, in the beginning of her “Senior” year, received the 1st notification from a college: They want the privilege of her presence…colleges have been pursuing her since last year and she’s only just started applying to those promising her quick decision turnarounds and plenty of money for her Veterinary Science Endeavors (they found out about her due to her submitting her info on various college prep sites, interest boxes on various college websites and at various college fairs she’s been attending)…she’s known she’s had an intense love for animals and learning about them, since she was very young and I’ve been trying to support her in that love in many different ways over the years…she requests I not share names as she doesn’t want to feel boxed in, she retains the right to decide whether she’ll even wind up attending college at all…and she’ll know….when she knows…and I honor her right to be open to how her intuition leads her…#FreeAfrikanChild sure looks good on her…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled

If Children want to go to, or do, “Traditional” School

Though I struggled w/ the thought of them returning to “traditional” school…I eventually realized honoring and Trusting their intuition Empowers them to Trust their intuition…and that is one of the principles that drew me to this Lifestyle in the first place..G returned to “traditional” school 3 years ago, in the last 6 weeks of 8th grade, after not having been there since the end of 1st grade…back in February of this year(2020, while in her Junior year), she made an executive decision that she would be done w/ that “experience” once her Junior year was complete this past June…when asked what she feels the experience has positively contributed to her life, she mentions she got a chance to see for herself that she would do just fine in a “structured” school setting as she is determining whether she will attend college, that was a fear she battled and something that propelled her to want to return…Despite a lot of negative experiences she had while attending “traditional” school(far too many to list here), I can certainly see how, her being able to follow her intuition and return there, and leave when she was ready, has Empowered her to Trust her intuition….I’m grateful she’s not destroyed behind the negative experiences…I understand this whole experience is unique for each family and child, at different ages…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled