If Children want to go to, or do, “Traditional” School

Though I struggled w/ the thought of them returning to “traditional” school…I eventually realized honoring and Trusting their intuition Empowers them to Trust their intuition…and that is one of the principles that drew me to this Lifestyle in the first place..G returned to “traditional” school 3 years ago, in the last 6 weeks of 8th grade, after not having been there since the end of 1st grade…back in February of this year(2020, while in her Junior year), she made an executive decision that she would be done w/ that “experience” once her Junior year was complete this past June…when asked what she feels the experience has positively contributed to her life, she mentions she got a chance to see for herself that she would do just fine in a “structured” school setting as she is determining whether she will attend college, that was a fear she battled and something that propelled her to want to return…Despite a lot of negative experiences she had while attending “traditional” school(far too many to list here), I can certainly see how, her being able to follow her intuition and return there, and leave when she was ready, has Empowered her to Trust her intuition….I’m grateful she’s not destroyed behind the negative experiences…I understand this whole experience is unique for each family and child, at different ages…Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled

Fear of the Unschooling “unknown”: Will our children turn out “ok”?

It seems very few of us are born into households, around people, who were raised being Unschooled naturally…I definitely wasn’t…I’ve been learning our children are unique individuals w/ their own minds and an evolving set of likes and dislikes, personality and characteristics…I’ve also been learning it’s important to honor this about them…they deserve to have the Freedom to follow their hearts and instincts…my children have seemed to reflect the feelings of myself…so the more I’ve worried and had feelings of failing them, the more they seem to feel the same way…And the more I’ve liberated myself to Trust in their intuition, the more they’ve been empowered to Trust in their intuition….Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled

Our Unschooling is Not an Experiment

It’s been our way of life…Evolving into No shaming…Each Child being celebrated for what makes them unique, and for them just “being”…Giving them the opportunity to determine for themselves what their instincts are leading them to want to explore…Learning how to banish any expectations of them when it comes to their development and learning, seems to have been giving them the Freedom..to just Be….Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled

Does Unschooling (Interest-Led Learning) “work”?

I’ve been learning, as humans, we’re happy…when we choose to be..our paths continue to evolve..It seems so many of us haven’t been raised to be empowered to trust our intuition, so questioning ourselves, particularly when it comes to choosing a lifestyle that can be and feel so far-reaching, seems to be expected…but to me it’s no different from making the decision to choose a traditional schooling lifestyle. Both are far reaching and deserve careful thought. Here’s to our Family’s Freedom…#ForeverUnschooled